Thursday, March 21, 2013

Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Spring wouldn't be complete without a few trips to the TOSH for surgery, right? Right! Ugh.

For the last three years I've been experiencing major pain in my wrists, elbows and shoulders. The pain is especially bad at night and while I sleep. Numbness often accompanies it at night and restless sleep, as I try to find a good position to sleep in. Last January I went to have a nerve test done at the U of U Orthopedic center. Sure enough I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome on both wrists. The doctor I was seeing at the time was too quick to do surgery and didn't want to try anything preventative. I dropped this doctor and got some of those wrist braces and tried to help alleviate the pain. Well, the braces didn't help me as they made my hands fall asleep. I tried to sleep with them on with the same results.

At my job I am constantly on the computer so I changed the way my desk was set up. It seemed to help for a little bit. The pain, however, just kept coming and the aching in my arms was just enough. I'd had it. Through a professor friend of mine I found my current doctor at the TOSH center in Murray and scheduled an appointment in February to see him. He was wonderful and we scheduled both wrists for surgery in March.

I am happy to report that the right wrist, which I had surgery on March 12th, is doing very well. I am surprised at how fast it has healed but it is still really sore. I suspect it will take a few more weeks for a complete healing. Surgery #2 for the left wrist is scheduled for the 28th of March. I am nervous but glad to get it over. Can I tell you how amazing it is to now fall asleep and wake up when my alarm goes off instead of tossing and turning all night long? The surgery worked and I am so grateful!!!

Here are some photos from the event. Hopefully they are not too TMI for you. Just thought I would warn you before you looked.

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